Bilbao is a perfect place for a student. There are a lot of young people in the city because of the universities and also loads of parties around the city. It’s a modern city with attractions, beautiful details and art like for example in the Museum Guggenheim. On the fortunate days with sunshine in the Basque Country, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! You can do a lot on your days off such as go to the beach, to the cinema, to the theatre, visit museums or architectural points of interest.

The surroundings are very easy to get to know in no time. If you go to a strange city to practice as a receptionist it’s extremely important to learn about the city. People are going to ask all kinds of questions at the reception and you should be prepared. So in Bilbao it is easier than in some bigger place. It definitely felt like a large city to me at first, but very soon Bilbao became a manageable and familiar place. It’s the perfect size. Of course there are some busier streets with many cars going by, but most of the city is quiet, walkable and open.

The people of Bilbao are very proud of their city. They have worked very hard to make this city what it is today, and you can feel that pride everywhere you go. Also you can always see the workers clean the streets, pick up trash and fix things. It seems to be happening all day and night long.

The best thing about Bilbao is that in each part of the city there are completely different atmospheres and bars or shops for any kind of preference. So you will always find your place.

When it comes to money, I’ve heard the accommodation could be a bit expensive. But then again you are able to eat out on very reasonable prices and in the centre you can walk everywhere which saves you money on transportation. I’ve also noticed that the restaurants and cafés usually have many different offers. At least the main attractions usually have discounts for students.

In conclusion, Bilbao is a modern and vibrant city with tranquility. Loads to do but also gives you the opportunity to relax and rest. A perfect combination for students.


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