The trip to Madrid came as a surprise to me, I didn’t know about it beforehand. It was a bit quick seeing that I had only been in Bilbao for one night but I am not in the least complaining! How beautiful is Madrid! And Pil Pil Hostel Madrid was an amazing experience. I was staying in the hostel at the same time I got to learn things at the reception. What a great way to see the both points of views, the receptionist’s as well as the guest’s. I got to experience both the result and the progress of the great hard work everyone is doing to make guests feel comfortable during their stay. I was very content with the way everything was functioning seamlessly.

I went to Madrid to have a training for the job in the reception. The functions of the reception, daily routines like when the cleaning takes place and how to serve and collect the breakfast and genuinely the manner of working at Pil Pil Hostel. Several hours of constant Spanish was also a good way to test my language skills.

The room I was sleeping in is a beautiful round-shaped space on the corner of the building. The reception I liked the most because the common area is situated right in the same space in front of reception desk. This creates a lovely feeling of a community and effectively breaks the “wall” between the guest and the receptionist if there even was one in the first place. Like a family living under the same roof. The relaxed and open atmosphere is extremely important in a well-functioning hostel.

I love the breakfast in Pil Pil Hostels. It’s not a selection of million things but just exactly what you need. I am not lying when I say that I would prefer it over a wide hotel breakfast. Just perfect for my needs. The music that plays on the background during the day is great as well. Sets up a good atmosphere.

In a place of accommodation, hotel/hostel whichever, I always value if the reception is open 24 hours. In Pil Pil it is. It makes your life so much easier. There is always a person who can help you in any problem you could have, give you direction and knows the area and the city which is usually completely new to you. It’s very comforting that you can reach out to a person who is there just for you. Feels safe. I was of course a super tourist in Madrid, it was my first time in there, so I asked a million questions about the city and I got all the advice I wanted and more. The people really know what’s going on in that vivid city.

I had the time of my life in Madrid and Pil Pil Hostel. What an amazing week!  


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