Why a Finn would love Bilbao?

Spain is known to be a whole different culture compared to Finland. The sun, chatty people, relaxed life style, eating out late with friends. If you wish to start your way to become a true Spaniard gently, you should definitely start in Bilbao! Bilbao is very similar...

Practice at Pil Pil Hostel Bilbao, month number 1

The first month in Pil Pil Hostel Bilbao has been a great experience. I was at the same time starting to practice and staying at the hostel a couple nights before I found a stable place to stay here in Bilbao. The life in a hostel is completely new to me. I had never...
Why should a student go to practice in Bilbao?

Why should a student go to practice in Bilbao?

Bilbao is a perfect place for a student. There are a lot of young people in the city because of the universities and also loads of parties around the city. It’s a modern city with attractions, beautiful details and art like for example in the Museum Guggenheim....

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